These are stories I wrote and photos I took for the Toledo Blade newspaper magazine page that runs on Sundays. The links links take you to the online content, which includes the stories, photo galleries and videos.

Gentle Giants Tame the Soul: Story on Clydesdale horses used for equine-assisted psychotherapy at a Michigan petting farm. 2019

Clydesdales 3.17.2019.jpg

Chance of a Lifetime: Story on women who never in their lifetime would have a chance to vote for a woman presidential candidate. 2016

Story on the Transgender community. Story by Lori King, and photos by Katie Rausch. 2016

Photo story on urban family who raises 4-H animals near downtown Toledo. 2016

Marissa Rollman

Marissa Rollman

Photo story on Santa Ric coming to town. 2015

Mrs. Claus and Santa Ric

Photo story on Swanton family keeping farming business in the family. 2015

Fernando and Martha Mora

Mich Fest: A womyn's Rite. 2013

womynrite 8.16.15.jpg

Earl Cookie: The busker of Toledo. 2013

Earl Cookie