About Lori King

I am a photojournalist and educator who has dedicated my life to telling written and visual stories. 

My journalism career began when I joined the U.S. Army as a print journalist at 18. I served eight years Active Army, and 13 years in the Ohio Army and Air National Guard as a writer, photographer and newspaper editor. I retired from the 180th Fighter Wing in Toledo in 2000.

I am a photojournalist with the Toledo Blade (Toledo, Ohio) newspaper, employed there since 1995; a photojournalism/multimedia adjunct instructor at Kent State University (Kent, Ohio), Wayne State University (Detroit) and Owens Community College (Toledo, OH); and a writing contributor to the National Press Photographer's trade magazine, News Photographer.

I am often asked how I do it. One word: Passion. I can manage a hectic career schedule because it's not really work! All of my jobs are hobbies I get paid to do! 


  • BS in photojournalism | Kent State | 1991
  • MA in Journalism Education at Kent State in 2012
  • Journalism Track | Defense Information School | U.S. Army | 1980


Contact me at loriking@theblade.com  |  Twitter @intro2pj  |  Instagram @toledophotog


Lori King

Lori King